T-Mobile 100 gig/mo plan with the Max Transit Duo


Hi Everyone. I just wanted to spread the word about T-Mobile’s 100 gig plan. When I purchased this plan I explicitly asked the sales expert if this service is compatible with the Max Transit Duo, which their response was an affirmative “yes”. Well, after a month of trying everything they have suggested, it did not work due to the infamous “Obtaining IP Address” message. I ended up setting up my Max Transit as a repeater for their Inseego hotspot, which is not the most elegant solution. They also assured me that if / when I hit my 100 gig limit the service will decrease slightly. DO NOT believe them. Your service will be UNUSABLE.

My take-away:
T-Mobile only uses 5G technology, while other carrier (like Verizon) still offer 4G LTE, which is compatible with your Max Transit Duo. If you are considering using T-Mobile, don’t. Just go with Verizon and accept the high cost as a tax on the mobile lifestyle :slight_smile:

t mobile is not 5g only, their bands are known, and you can cross reference against your device’s available bands

what trouble shooting did you do?

did you compare radio on inseego to radio on max transit duo?

are you using a cat 18 or cat 12 modem?

did you file a peplink support ticket?

did you escalate with t-mobile? (higher level tech support, executive customer relations, fcc complaint, etc)?

FWIW: In my (limited) experience with TMO, the plans we have been testing work with Peplink devices with Cat4, CAT6, CAT12 and 5G modems. (The CAT4 was in a BR1 and a 20x, the CAT6 was in a 20X Flex module, the CAT12 and 5G were Transits.) The TMO plan did not work with CAT18 (but VZW did).

For the CAT18, an escalated tech. support pointed us to a different plan (which we declined).



I have at least 50 customers who are using that plan on MAX Transit DUO and MAX Transit CAT18 devices without any issues. I am also personally using multiples of that plan on those very devices.

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I’m using that plan on Max Transit 5G with both 5G and 4G LTE bands without issue…have been for 3 months now.

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I dropped a TMO 100GB/$50 SIM card into a Balance 20X CAT6 flex module. No go - it did not obtain an IP address. Might there be a different APN involved (in which case, what might it be)? Or might it be that it requires a CATN modem where N>6?


I use the standard TMO APN which is fast.t-mobile.com, but most of the time, Peplink products autodetect that and you don’t have to do anything at all.

That’s the APN the B20X used on auto, so it is not an APN issue, then. Too bad.

But not a disaster for us, as other TMO plans play real nice with Peplink equipment generally, from old BR1s through to the Transit 5G.


I just tried the 100gb/$50 month TMobile plan on the Max BR1 Pro 5G. If this plan used to work on Peplink routers, it does not work anymore.

TMobile, after several days and finally getting escalated to a higher level of their technical service department, I was told that the 100gb/$50 month plan only worked on the Inseego hotspots and would NOT work on the Peplink router. Since we needed at least 100gb, I had to have TMobile terminate our service without any penalties.

TMobile did the same to me in assuring me that it would work. It does not.

Works like a charm on the Max Transist Cat 18. Fast and stable in S. Florida.

A couple of questions.

How long have you had your 100gb/$50 month plan?

When you signed up who did you talk to at T-Mobile or was it through a third party vendor?

The experience I just had with TM was that there is absolutely NO way to get 100gb on the Peplink (or any other device) and I would have to get the Inseego hotspot if I wanted that plan. When the sim card first arrived, it was on the plan for 50gb/month. That plan tested fine with good, usable speeds before I called to have it upped to the 100gb plan. Once the rep upped it, it stopped working shortly thereafter. It was the next phone call, consisting of several transfers until I got to higher level technical support, that I was informed of the device limitation on the 100gb plan.

This happened this week. I’m going to call Verizon and try to get on their 150gb plan.

What is the EXACT name of the 100GB plan? What was the name of the 50GB plan? Has t-mobile certified the Pro 5g to work on their network yet (a moot point if another plan is working)?

Yes, the Pro 5G is certified on their network. It’s one of the first things they verified by IMEI. Yes, it worked PRIOR to the entry level phone rep moving it from the 50gb plan to the 100gb plan that only works with the Inseego hotspot. I was not aware of that limitation on the T-Mobile plan and neither was the rep, apparently. The issue was discovered the next day after being transferred up the tech support ladder several times. The tech that discovered it gave me two options. Downgrade to the 50gb plan or cancel the service plan I just opened. I cancelled.

As far as the name, I cannot find what they call it. It is 50gb for $50 (with autopay). It is 100gb for $50 for the Inseego hotspot. This was a post-paid plan.

We do not have any phone service with T-Mobile and the only thing I needed was data.

I believe that this is the link for the data only plans:

So when you login to your t-mobile account online, there is no plan name listed? Nothing on your bill?

I do recall T-mobile had initially launched the 100gb hotspot plan, then lowered it to 50gb, and then I think launched a new 100gb plan, its possible that newer 100gb plan is tied to Inseego. I am curious if one can activate it in an Inseego device and then move the SIM into a Peplink device.

I cannot log into the account now that it has been cancelled and I do not recall if it had a specific plan name when I had access.

My best guess, with the experience I had, is that, even if you activate your account with the Inseego hotspot, that 100gb data plan is tied to the IMEI of the Inseego devices and will not work in any other device. I could be wrong but I wasn’t about to purchase the Inseego hotspot to see if I could find a work around.

As of right now, as far as I can find, there is only a 50gb plan from T-Mobile that will work with the Peplink routers. Hopefully, that will change at some point. Technically, it’s unlimited but you are hard throttled to 2G speeds after your allotment of data is used up. Essentially useless. That came specifically from the final tech that I spoke with.

Did you provide T-Mobile the IMEI Number from the Pepwave so it match what they have in the billing system?

We have run into this one as well. The 100GB plan was (and still is?) only available through the stores, and is limited to TMO-supplied hardware (ie., the inseego). The store personnel was not informed of this limitation at the time (hence the sale).