System Start Up

What would cause a random system startup if we are to factor out bad UPS, power surge, power outage, Incontrol2 management is turned off, time settings are correct, not on beta firmware, Balance router is running latest 6.2.0 or 6.2.1 firmware? Some devices randomly will have a system start up. Could it be because of CPU overload? Does anyone else have this issue. It happens only on Surf Soho, Balance 20, and Balance One. 305’s and 380’s never has this issue and running same firmware.


There is many posibility. This could be manually reboot by user, system hang, power outage and etc…

I suggest to open ticket for us to take closer look on the affected unit.

Thank you.

Did you get an answer to this?

I had 2 Peplink Balance One units in 2 different locations on 6.2.1 (and not connected to each other in any way) mysteriously restart within 30 minutes of each other earlier today.

Both units were not under any heavy load…probably around 10% max.

Both units had been up for weeks - one for 2 months - and on UPS - so I am wondering what is going on.



This happen randomly or a fixed time? I suggest to open ticket for us to take closer look on the affected unit.

I have the same issue. One of my Balance One routers restarted itself 2 times already since I upgraded it to 6.2.1. The other one with less traffic and devices connected to it is working fine. There is nothing in the logs, just System: Started up (6.2.1 build 2014)


This is strange. Please open ticket for us to take closer look. I can’t comment here without further info.

Thank you.