System integrity check failed - HD4

Anyone ever got the message "System integrity check failed”
We have just seen it on a HD4.
unit is still functioning but is having other pre existing issues mainly Modems locking up and the unit needs rebooting to bring them back to life


May I know which firmware the unit is running now? If it is not the latest then you can download our 6.2.1GA from here.

If the issues persist, you may open a ticket here.

Thanks and regards.


I just noticed, and believe you have opened a support ticket on 2 days ago, let’s us follow up from there on.

Thanks and regard.

Firmware 6.2.1 build 2014
Yes, there is a support ticket and lots of diagnostic files

Have a tranist showing this. Is it a hardware failure?

I would think it’s the internal sd card, how old is the unit?

It’s only been in production for 6 months. Customer is checking power. Am shipping a replacement just incase.

Power , yeah that’s a good point. I wish the pepwaves/peplinks had voltage monitoring built in so we knew if they were getting enough power. I have had many times clients move things only to find some other random 0.5 amp power supply plugged into it.