System administration access log

Can we have a log event generated every time the device is accessed for administration or configuration please?
We would like to see Authentication logging for all accesses to the device please.


Agreed. And the log should include the userid and source IP address.
I would also like a log of failed accesses, though this would have to be limited somehow in case the router is attacked.

I believe this is on the road map.
Definitely needed
It could be done by the following groups;
a) Username & public IP address if access from IC2
b) username, IP address & MAC address from Device

How would it be reported?
On the device and/or syslog server?

Thank You

Good point in that the log should note the source as either: InControl2 vs. Local LAN vs. remote admin over Internet (usually via DDNS)
Not familiar with syslog, so no opinion there.

If it was entered into the devices log, you can then forward it to a Syslog server.
We use the Syslog on a Synology server to collect the data.
Syslog servers are great for collecting logs from the devices and been able to keep a record of them and now that URL logging is also supported, we use it for that too!

Essential information would be Username, LAN/WAN/IC2, IP address, MAC address, Time & Date, Failed/Successful and possible LAT&LON for mobile devices.

Thank You

I agree this would be a good feature. +1 here.

Hi, another angle on this:

  1. IC2 could log all device access and configuration changes done via IC2 quite easily I imagine.
  2. That could be enhanced by having the Pepwaves’ and Balances’ firmwares send to IC2 any admin access and changes done by a direct connection to the remote device as well.

For #1 I would imagine that IC2 just needs some access and config change logging enabled. (I’m an optimistic type:)

Is this already in the pipeline? If so can we have an ETA?

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I think storage space would become an issue :slight_smile:


We will look into this. Anyway, this will be put into low priority as compared to others feature requests.

Thank you for your suggestion.