Syslog port

Desperately need the ability to change the syslog port in my Balance 380 from 514 to 1514 for an application I have running on a local server. I also have a Pepwave AP one AC mini that allows me to change the syslog port, so why not on the Balance 380?

Please share with us need that cannot fulfill by utilizing the standard UDP 514 port!? We are trying to understand the requirement.


I’m running Splunk in a Docker container. As a result I need to map an “access port” to a “local port”. Meaning that in order to send logs to Splunk I need to map a non-standard syslog port to the ip address of the server running Docker. In addition, Splunk supports UDP, TCP and SSL connections. So having the ability to send logs to a non-standard syslog port is required over UDP, TCP or SSL is desireable. Please add this feature.