Switch off Maps in Incontrol2!

I’ve asked before if it would be possible to switch off maps completely in IC2. I was told to delete the Lat/Lon via edit after the device was entered but that doesn’t remove the map, just sets it 0 Lat / 0 Lon. We seldom use even the BR1 GPS so the map is a real distraction and meaningless on vessels that move around the oceans of the world. Any chance you can add this to the wish list?

Was a similar thread in the last few days about been able to manually edit the location of the devices.
Would be Nice to have the following options relating to the Maps & Displayed addresses
-Maps completely disabled (Organisation /Group / Individual Device)
-Only display Lat/Lon i.e. no address which shows up as somewhere miles away when a vessel is at sea
-Manually override the GPS input and manually lock the displayed location regardless of the GPS data

Would also be nice to have other options for getting position data in such as direct serial or better yet, UDP on the network which is what we do now for feeding Marine Traffic.