SWEET32 attack 2500

We are at the latest firmware for our 2500. However we are failing a test for PCI. I have read that this type of attack is supposed to be fixed in the build we have. Is there something else that needs to be turned on in the setting of the firewall portion?

Does anyone from Peplink ever look at any of these?

They do. Lets ask @sitloongs and @WeiMing to come and help.


Would you able to open a ticket here for support team to further check ? Please include the PCI scan report in the ticket so that support team have more info to check on it.

You are right that SWEET32 have been fixed in the previous firmware. The problem can be false alarm or other things we need to confirm after verified the PCI scan report.

Turned out to be a setting in the shared key for remote users regarding PCI compliance. Thanks for the help.


Thats for sharing the solution!