SurfSOHO setup with Tmobile Home Internet

I am getting rid of the USBJetpack service and going with the TMobile Home Internet and am having problems getting it set up with the SurfSoho Mk 3 with v8.1 firmware. Be forewarned, I have very little knowledge of networking and setting things up so bear with my ignorance. I got the TMobile gateway and was able to get it configured by connecting it to my laptop with an ethernet cable. All good with fast internet access. I chose to change the standard IP address of to and shut down the wifi. I wanted to just plug the ethernet cable into the SurfSOHO for internet connectivity on my existing wireless setup. I plugged the cable from port 1 on the TMobile gateway and into port 1 on the SurfSOHO. I shut down the Jetpack and lost the internet. In the Pepwave UI Dashboard it showed that the WAN connection status as “no cable detected”. but the lights on the SurfSOHO port show green and blinking orange like the other ports. Should I have been using WAN ports on the gateway or the router? Need I specify some settings somewhere? Done some reboots? Any assistance is welcome.
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Hi John --and welcome to the forum. I have not seen one of the TMO boxes (yet) but I do have one question: Di you not mean to connect the LAN port of the TMO gateway/router/whatever it is to the WAN port of the SOHO?

Hellp Rick,
Thank you for the reply. I think I remember in my preparatory reading that I should not use the WAN ports, as it complicates things. So as it stands now I have used LAN port 1 to LAN port 1 configuration. Should I be using WAN-WAN or some WAN-LAN port configuration?


Very few people are familiar with the TMobile device in question. Can you provide a model number or link to it? Wired Internet connections on the SOHO are available on the WAN port and/or the USB port. Nothing plugged into a LAN port will ever work.

Here is a link to the user manual for the TMO gateway -
So I am getting that I should connect the cable from the the ethernet port on the TMO gateway to the WAN port on the SOHO. I did that and that has done the trick. In the dashboard it shows that I am connected and that the USB Jetpack is on standby. So all seems well, except the throughput is less than I had hoped. Will have to work on that.

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OK. Sounds like you have it hooked up correctly. I’d expect the speeds from the TMO gizmo to be highly variable depending on location, bands available, etc. What you might do: Run a couple of speed test with a computer connected to a LAN port of the SOHO. Then, immediately thereafter, connect the computer to a LAN port of the TMO box and repeat the test. What speeds do you see?

Taking a brief look at the manual (TU for providing a link), you’ll probably also want to:

  1. Disable wi-fi (p. 18)
  2. Implement “DMZ” and assign a static IP address to the WAN of your router (p. 47)
  3. Change the WAN settings of the SOHO to “static” and use the static address you assigned in the the previous step.

Glad to hear it worked out. Interesting little device. Peplink sells a line of BR1 routers that are similar in that you put an SIM card into the router for its Internet access. Having used a BR1 router I can see the upside to having everything come from the cellphone company. No doubt there is a down side too :slight_smile:

One of our clients is about to try the TMO gizmo – it’s on order now. It’ll be interesting to see if we can get the SIM to work in a BR1. We should know soon.

Rick and Micheal,
I may try the speed comparison test at some point, but I think the low speed is probably due to the fact that the signal strength fluctuates between one and two bars. And Rick, you were spot on about the speeds being highly variable. The speed test can show 2 Mbs and 30 seconds later another test shows 16 or more Mbs. Well, I have better connectivity than I used to with the Jetpack so am pleased at this point. Thanks again for the assist.

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