Surf WiFi Issues

Found what seems to be bugs in a new Surf (worked perfectly when I tested it before leaving, now traveling and it is not behaving).

  1. Passwords are not editable. It does not seem to care what you enter, it acts like it is connecting, but nothing ever connects nor does it come back and say the password was bad.

  2. I don’t see where you can edit or delete memorized wife settings. Many wifi hotspots have the same SSID but different passwords.

  3. Even though it seems to refresh the hotspots it sees, it really is doing nothing. I get to a new location and the old hotspots are listed (which are now 300 miles away!!). Only way to fix is to unplug and let it reboot.

Any solutions for these issues?

For anyone to help, you are going to have to provide more details and more specifics, starting with the firmware version you are using.