Surf soho: would this work (drop in mode)?

I have a user that needs to connect to the office from her home. Since her cable HSI connection is fairly stable and only limited VoIP use, my thought is to put in a Surf Soho on the LAN, connect the office computer and phone to the Soho, and use a PepVPN connection to the office. Instead of taking over her existing wireless router, this would be an extension of it. Should we need a USB modem secondary WAN, we could still do that in the future.

Is this where “drop in mode” would come into play? Does Surf Soho work in this way, or am I confusing separate functionalities?

If this isn’t possible with Surf Soho, what product would work best in this situation?


Surf SOHO does not have a the Drop-in mode functionality, it is not needed here.

If you have a Peplink/Pepwave device in the office and if it has a Public IP, you can build a PEPVPN tunnel between the too.

Thanks, Jarid.