Surf SOHO with VZW 6620L USB teathered

Hi—noob on this forum. We plan to buy the updated Surf Soho and plan to tether it via USB to a 6620L JetPack MiFi. I know no one has the new version, but my guess is the previous version whould use these same connections/firmware for this function. We currently have a VZW 5510L JetPack with a VZW 5gb plan and an ISP supplied USB551L USB Modem, plugged into a Cradlepoint MBR 95. We will cancel our ISP 20g/mo coverage and sign up to a VZW 24gb shared coverage–saving some $$.

So my questions:

  1. Do you experience noticeable better speeds USB tethered vs WiFi between the 2?
    2, Does the Surf SOHO automatically charge the JetPack?
    3, Any peculiar setup settings I need to do? The downloaded 6620L manual implies DNS, etc must be defined.
  2. Does VZW charge extra for USB tethering to a router?
  3. Would the setup be the same or similar as this link?

Thanks for any info,

Ideally, USB is better than WiFi tethering since it has lesser interference.


Please refer to this thread. It might be the good reference for you.

I don’t think so. :slight_smile:

No change on Surf Soho side. You need to avoid using the same IP subnet between all LAN and WANs.