Surf SOHO, WiFi WAN, roaming and WAN quality.

The WiFi WAN setting “Roaming” is not well documented. Really, documentation which says stuff like

Roaming Signal Level Threshold - Configure the Roaming Signal Level Threshold in dBm


Click the icon for additional options.

when there is no icon is a waste of resources.

From what I can tell, on a regular basis it’s supposed to look for an AP with better signal strength on the profile’s SSID.

Does it only search if the current signal strength is below “Roaming Signal Level Threshold”??? Only switches to new BSSID if it’s “Roaming Signal Level Gain” better than the existing connection??? Does it only search within the same profile, or does it also search with inactive profiles??? “Advanced → Intensive Scan” makes it search all channels, otherwise it only looks at the channel of the existing connection???

If roaming isn’t enabled, WiFi WAN is locked to the first BSSID it connected to, even if a better one exists (unless it completely loses connection)???

Finally, when enabled (Surf SOHO MK3, 8.2.1 build 5082) WAN quality info is no longer available (Status->WAN Quality: “No WAN Quality Information”). What’s up with that? I could understand a bug causing it to get cleared when a scan is done, but I’ve got “Roaming Check Interval” set to 5 minutes and it always comes back with that. I can get it to show a graph by changing to a different connection and back, but that graph is always completely empty. It knows the signal strength, clicking on the Dashboard/signal bars shows it, it’s just doesn’t appear to be recording it.