Surf SOHO WiFi issues & questions

First my issue–Sometimes my laptop Wifi does not connect to the Internet thru the router, but when I connect using ethernet cable and & turning off WiFi it connects just fine. Using WiFi I can never connect by typing in the --even when I can get to the internet via WiFi. But with the ethernet cable I can connect to In all instances–I am logged into the router per my network I can see the properties of the connection when I click network in the Network & Sharing Center. It seems something within the router is keeping me from connecting. But what is it???

Maybe the above is caused by my connection IP ady. the WiFi is always 10.0.10.## I would like it to be in the 192.168.50.### range. Are there an options (I do not see any) to restrict the IP range to be within a certain range? With my previous CradlePoint MBR95 router–the range was always in 192.168.0.###.

If it matters, I am using the new 7.0.3 Firmware (but it did the same thing with 7.0.2, and I am USB tethered to a MiFi 7730 VZW Hotspot with WiFi it’s turned off.

Thanks for any help,

I’m the OP, no replies–so let me ask this in another way–since I have found a few things.

In the surf SOHO it seems there is a disconnect between the incoming WiFi and the Ethernet inputs. In our home system, we have an 2 laptops that will not connect to the NAS (Synology DS617+ Ethernet cable between NAS & SOHO). It has been mapped in both laptops as A:192.168.50.###. It also happens when my desktops can not connect to the laptops (or the other way) when the laptops are on WiFi. The laptops Wifi is connected to the SOHO with–so it looks like the 2 networks are not connected to each other inside the SOHO.

I never noticed this before the recent SOHO update.
Is this because I need to change some settings that are not the same as the previous version, or do I need to revert back to 7.0.2? Or is it a bug on 7.0.3–if so I have seen no postings with a problem similar to mine?

There are probably some settings that need changing–but what are they???

By default, on a new Surf SOHO, both ethernet and Wifi will be on the 192.168.50.x network. You say that WiFi is 10.0.10.x, so you have not started out with a new clean router. The different subnets for ethernet and Wifi means that your Surf SOHO is using VLANs. Did you set up VLANs yourself? By default, the Surf SOHO does not use VLANs.

This has nothing to do with a firmware update.

Thank you Michael for the reply.

Well–I did not set up anything in the router before I turned it on and connected it to my desktop and laptop. They used whatever IP ady it was supplied. I bought it new from
In fact, initially I had static IP’s in my compters Network Properties which were left over from using my Cradlepoint MBR95 for both Ethernet and WiFi. I could connect to the SOHO with those–but as I recall the WiFi connected to as long as the SSID was displayed. As soon as I hid SSID they would not connect—UNTIL I added to the Network Properties/ Alternate DNS Server and Default Gateways–now it connects all the time with SSID hidden…

Would you suggest I Restore to Factory Settings and start over? I have nothing special setup–I’m not smart enough to make many changes that I know nothing about :slight_smile:

After sending this–I saw a post referencing your SOHO Guide. I am in the process of reading it.

Thanks again for you help. I read a lot of your guide ( ) and some of the links. Thanks for that too :slight_smile:
I did a Restore to Factory Settings this morning, and I disabled In Control 2 because it added the other subnet–10 0 1 1 by itself–I did not do it! In doing all this–I also changed the network to be a bit unusual as you suggested. Now both my LAN and WiFi computers find my 2 NAS, and the printer which is served by the one NAS. My Network Properties on my laptop give me a reminder about the subnet being the same (ex the last ###) for my LAN & WiFi, but all seems to work.

After having a Trojan in my laptop (which was removed by MS Security Essentials) which got thru the SOHO and then a ransomware in my desktop–which also go thru my SOHO AND my W7 Firewall AND MS Security Essentials–that was removed by nuclear–wipe and reinstall–I’m gonna have to do more studying on how to improve the security of the SOHO.

Thanks again for you help.