SURF SOHO Wifi Issue

I’m experiencing an issue with the SURF SOHO that tends to happen daily where devices connected to SURF SOHO by wifi lose internet connection and remain connected to wifi. After this situation happens, devices not previous connected to SURF SOHO by wifi can not connect to wifi. Devices connected to Ethernet ports of SURF SOHO continue to function as they should and have access to internet.

Is there options within the admin interface that can be adjusted to reduce this problem or keep it from reoccurring? Can a firmware update be created to address this problem?

Hi. To start, what version of the hardware and firmware are you running?

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You can try to use a fixed Wifi channel. If that resolves the issue, I believe this is solved in the latest or next firmware. Try first the latest firmware you can find, or open a ticket to ask the engineers to provide you specific firmware with the fix.


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