Surf SOHO WiFi AP Can't Be Accessed


Hi folks, this may be a long-ish post to share what steps I’ve taken.

My Surf SOHO MK3 is at FW 7.1.2 at the latest build. The WAN is a cable modem connection. This morning the connection went offline, so I began to troubleshoot to isolate the issue. I could/can connect directly to the cable modem and access the Internet. I can connect directly to the unit via a cable to access the dashboard etc. Nothing in the system logs seems amiss. I rebooted multiple times, and reset/restored the SOHO configuration. I also added additional APs, including one that was open with no security. Although the proper AP SSIDs are being broadcast, I cannot complete a successful authentication/connection via any device. Is it possible the SOHO radio(s) are transmitting but not receiving? In any case, I need to know how to proceed for further diagnosis to determine if the unit has indeed suffered a physical failure. I’m currently using alternate equipment to make this post possible.



Would you please open a support ticket here for support team to check ? We need to check from the device inorder to confirm the issue.

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Thank you, @sitloongs. After multiple reboots, the device is operating normally. While certainly was having an issue, I cannot explain it for now. If the situation returns I will update this thread and open a ticket.

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