Surf-SOHO ~ Webadmin & HTTP Access issues



So I have a Surf-SOHO (6.1.1m26 build 1477) at one of my field offices (80x5 Cable connection) that I can not access via the web interface on the LAN/Pepvpn side. I also can’t access any devices at that location that have a web interface (copier, phones, NAS). I am able to ping equipment at that location from my office, devices there function correctly, internet is working, everything else is working well. I even had a user power cycle the router to see if that would resolve it, didn’t work. What is interesting. I am also having the same web interface (http) issue at another field site (ADSL 3/0.768 connection) with the same firmware and settings as the other site. Any thoughts? I am able to access both devices web portal interface via the InControl2 portal. Thought?




Please check your Outbound Firewall rule to confirm any blocking for Http.



There are no Firewall policies (Outbound/Inbound) in place. Incontrol2 is still the only way I can access the router. Also, I can not access any of my devices web interfaces in the remote offices. The only thing I can think of that could have caused this would be the firmware update I did on my Balance 380, went from 6.1.0 to 6.1.2. I see there is a new version of firmware for the SUS-SOHO 6.1.2 build 1550, I am currently running 6.1.1m26 build 1477. I find it interesting, that I am running the 6.1.1m26 build 1477 in my other two remote offices with issues. My current thought is to try a firmware update on one of the two routers with the issue? Your thoughts wold?




Can you share network diagram that show end to end connectivity? I believe something in between is blocking Http.


Here is the attached Diagram. As of yesterday evening, I was able to access device HTTP portals on the SUS-SOHO and network devices at the two locations. Nothing changed on my part and the WAN connections are two different ISPs.




Any gateway device behind Balance 380 or Surf Soho? Diagram didn’t show that.



Just two switches behind the 380 and then 1 switch behind 2 of the 4 SUS-SOHO. I have had this setup since July-14 without issues, network topology has been the same.



This is strange and interesting. Please open ticket here if you facing same problem in future. We are happy dig more on this problem.