Surf SOHO: Wan and LTE


I’m sorry if this information is readily available elsewhere, but i have been unable to find it.

I have a Peplink Surf SOHO connected to a WAN as my primary internet gateway. I am wondering if it is possible to tether via USB an Android Phone to use as a failover connection. The phone supports tethering. I am currently using the phone’s hot spot and the SOHO’s “Wifi as WAN” to achieve this, but I would love to be able to turn off the hotspot on the phone and just plug it in to the router via USB.

I have tried to do this, and so far have been unsuccessful. Is it possible? And, if so, are there any tips to get it working?


Hi Hunter, we do support Android tethering via USB as long as it is active on your plan with the carrier. You may need to check with them on this. Also, there may be a setting on your phone you need to enable in order to tether via USB. Does USB tethering work when you connect directly to your PC? Thanks.

Hi Tim,
Yes, when I connect the phone to my Macbook and turn on Tethering mode on the phone, everything works as expected.
However, using the same USB cable plugged into the back of my Surf SOHO, the phone never recognizes that a USB is connected (although it does start charging), and will not allow me to turn tethering on. I tried powering down the router and restarting it with the phone attached, and the phone briefly recognized that a USB cable was connected but still would not enter “tether mode”. The phone is a Galaxy on5 using the t-mobile network.
Any suggestions?

As Emily Litella would say: “Never Mind” …

I decided to use another USB cable, as opposed to the one that came with the phone, and magically every thing works perfectly.

Sorry for taking up your time.