Surf SOHO w/ Novatel 6620l

I’m using two products. A Peplink surf SOHO and a Verizon/Novatel 6620L. I have a DVR and a laptop hardwired into the peplink router. The 6620L is USB tethered to the router. Normal web browsing is working fine on the laptop. From the laptop I can start live-viewing the DVR with no issues. Even from a cellphone connected to the peplink wifi I can view the DVR. Here’s where the issue starts.

The DVR uses port 8000 to liveview with a TCP protocol. The Novatel support port forwarding but even after forwarding port 8000 it shows up as being blocked on verizons IP address. Infact I can’t seem to find or forward any port for TCP traffic so I can live view my cameras. I also tried setting the USB tethered IP address listed under connected devices on the 6620l as a DMZ connection and still no luck. I’m at a loss as to why this won’t work.

Are you trying to do this from outside your network? Verizon LTE provides a private IP address. It’s not publicly routable.