Surf SOHO Vlan Speed

Let me preface this by saying I am a rookie, so please bare with me…

I have the Surf SOHO, I set it up with the help of, I decided to try to set up a vlan for a guest network including all my various IOT devices, to keep everything on it isolated. Seemed to work good, then I started receiving complaints from my customers about speed issues (wife and kids). I am paying for 100/100 internet, I noticed when I ran a speed test, I was getting around 65 using the Ethernet connection. I started poking around and deleted the vlan I created and the speed went back up to 95. Whenever I create a vlan , even if I don’t assign it to any access points (SSIDs) the speed drops, delete it and the speed goes back up!

Is this just the nature of using vlans? Is there any way to fix it? The vlan appeared to work like it is supposed to but the loss of speed is just too much with all the work and school being done from home.

Thanks for any help!

May I know the LAN port you connected to is configured as Trunk Any, Access Untagged, or Access VLAN?

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That stays on the default setting, which look like “trunk”, and the ports are all assigned to the untagged LAN.

This has not been my experience. When the VLAN exists, is the slow Ethernet speed using the untagged LAN, a LAN port assigned to the VLAN or both? Best to test both.

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I re-setup the vlan as I had before, and speeds are the same now, with or without vlan?? Im not sure if I did something to fix it or not? Ill keep an eye on it.
Thanks for the help