Surf-SOHO ~ VLAN and Firmware 6.2 release


Two questions:

  1. When will the SUS-SOHO support VLANs? Will it just be just trunked? Would VLANs pass over PepVPN sessions?
  2. When will 6.2.x be released for general consumption?

Thanks for your time, looking forward to a response.


1). I am not 100% sure when the SOHO will support VLANs if a engineer could assist, however if/once it is it will use standard 802.11q VLAN Tagging. Yes VLANs are broadcasted over the vpn tunnel.
2). 6.2 should be released later this month. There is no specific date set as of right now, but we’ll be sure to announce once it is available.


Thanks for the swift response. With the VLAN, will all the LAN ports be trunked ports or could each LAN port be individually configured? I have been looking forward to 6.2 for a while now, can’t wait.



Started from v6.2. It is access port by default. If you add new Vlan then LAN port will become trunk port.
Vlans can pass over L2 PepVPN.

After created new Vlan, all LAN ports will be trunk port.

Any plans to set up ports with PVIDs? In this way, untagged messages can get assigned a VLAN tag on ingress to the router and be distributed to all ports that share the VLAN. Also, can we assign VLAN membership on a port-by-port basis? The all-or-nothing VLAN trunk admin is extremely limiting.

Also does inter-VLAN routing mean that the WAN VLAN (if set) will route directly to the LAN VLANs bypassing NAT? If not, then maybe inter-VLAN LAN routing would be a better name.


Port-based VLAN will be supported in v6.3. v6.3 to be available in this month.

Inter-VLAN routing just between the VLANs on LAN side.

Hope this help.