Surf SOHO USB tethered to T-Mobile Z915 / ZTE MF915?

I’m looking to see if anyone has had success tethering their Tmobile Z915 (ZTE MF915) via USB to the Surf SOHO.
YouTube has a video from ( ) about that combination stating that it does work, but when i go to their website ( Peplink/Pepwave Router Compatibility Chart ), the modem is not listed on the compatibility list for the Surf SOHO, nor is it listed on peplink’s list ( ).
I’ve got a call in to 3gstore, but the guy that did the review is OOT until next week.


We have had some success recently with that particular modem. One big thing is that you will need to connect it to a PC to turn on “tethered mode”. I believe once you plug it into a PC it will automatically revert to tethering mode but I am not 100% certain. Once in tethered mode attempt to connect it to the SOHO.

If there are still issues open a support ticket with us and we’ll take a closer look at things on a code level.