Surf SOHO to Peplink 710

At our HQ we use a Balance 710 with multiple ADSL connections (we have balance 380’s at all our branches with SpeedFusion VPN utilising the bonded VPN).

When working from home on a PPTP vpn session, I can’t take advantage of the combined upload speed of the balance 710 but limited to one line.

If I install the Surf SOHO at home, would the pepVPN connect and utilise the combined upload from our HQ?

When I’m connected via PPTP, I can see all out sites would this continue.

Yes, Michael. Balance 710 supports SpeedFusion, so when it is connected to another Peplink/Pepwave device, by PepVPN or SpeedFusion, it will be able to combine bandwidth from all WAN links.

One thing to note. Since Surf SOHO supports PepVPN only, while Balance 710 can send/receive using the combined bandwidth, say upstream 3Mbps + 3Mbps = 6Mbps, the Surf SOHO can send/receive on one WAN only, so to take advantage of the combined bandwidth of the 710, we will need to have enough bandwidth on the Surf SOHO side e.g. more than 6Mbps downstream.