Surf SOHO SSL Certificate/ Overwitten Firmware

Im currently getting prompt saying that invalid SSL CERTIFICATE, improper certificate, and if I wanted to create an exception to proceed to ADMIN PAGE…And for some strange reason after a few 30/90 resets back to factory default…Im getting asked to create a new password, which never ever happen before and after the last latest update…Not to forget to mention that the ip address that is assigned to the surf soho from my ISP, pulls up my admin page, and I also get a warning prompt from the FIRE FOX Browser saying someone is trying to manipulate my admin page/ trick me into entering admin info…Hard resets does no good at all…Someone has overwritten my router without my permission…

im confused…

  1. you factory reset your password and are wondering why you have to create a new password? wouldnt that be intended function?
  2. have you loaded your own SSL certificate at any point? if not, the warning makes sense.
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  1. Only if it would’ve happen after the initial update, but not months later…

  2. Never knew anything about uploading an ssl nor was ever asked by any software/hardware provider, and i’ve been setting up my router since day one before going online, and all of a sudden Im getting new prompts…Very suspicious to me

Yeah it’s kind of annoying. You can fix it by navigating to System>Admin Security>Security and setting it to HTTP…


I haven’t bothered to do this - I just click through the warnings.


don’t set it to http

http is not secure

the warnings have been there for any browser for years

upload your own SSL certificate if you want them to go away

I know how to upload configurations, but never uploaded a certigicate…,and I would not know where to find a ssl certificate

Hi Cutterc,
You can generate your own SSL certificate. You can find the step by step instructions here.

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Thanks for setting me straight on that one. That stuff is over my head.

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