Surf SOHO SSID Issues

I’ve had (am having?) a puzzling problem with a Surf SOHO that I’m messing with. The router is using the most current firmware (I don’t have the unit in front of me, but I believe it is a model-specific version of 8.1.2, I can confirm when I get home from work). Two devices that had been connected to the router can suddenly not see the SSID, and cannot connect. All other devices can see it, and connect automatically.

Since most devices maintained connectivity, I figured that the issue may have been on the client end and not the router, I started with rebooting the affected devices. No luck. I then rebooted the router (not a full pull-the-plug reboot, but a soft reboot from the Admin page) and this seems to have resolved the issue, at least for the time being.

Has anyone experienced this before? AFAIK no settings were changed that would have prompted the devices to lose connection and ability to see the broadcast SSID. The most curious thing was that scanning for available networks did not even show the SOHO network, and meanwhile other devices were seeing the SOHO just fine. This is 2.4 band, not 5, and the devices were WELL within range. Indeed, one device is a desktop computer that literally did not move from its location the whole time. The router was similarly immobile (in the same room, in fact).

Any ideas?

This is all too familiar. New firmware for the SOHO MK3 (3rd generation, latest generation) was just released a few days ago. It is available on the Peplink website on the firmware download page.

It is version 8.1.2s052 and there are no Release Notes for it, but its for you. Fer sure.

Thanks for the response but, alas, that is the firmware that I am currently running.

@Coronach, do you mean you are experiencing the SOHO MK3 - 2.4GHz SSID not visible issue even though upgraded to firmware 8.1.2s052? If so, can you submit a support ticket here for the team to follow up?

I experiencED this problem on that OS. It is currently working normally after a reboot. However, I am not going to bother submitting a ticket. This router has had enough issues that I’m returning it through Amazon.