Surf SOHO repair?

How repairable is the Surf SOHO MkIII?

I can no longer reach the internet with my Surf and I suspect the WAN port. I’ve ordered a replacement Surf, but am having second thoughts; perhaps I need two WAN ports, i.e., the balance 20.

So, assuming I’m right about needing a replacement WAN port, is it feasible for a repair shop to replace it? I wouldn’t mind having a replacement router to use for travel or breakage insurance?

It’s a Surf SOHO Mkiii running firmware 8.1.3.

Hi. The SOHO is not “officially” repairable. Not much happens to WAN ports; the greatest threat is probably an over-voltage situation coming from your ISP’s cabling.

One thing you might try is to disable health checks. They’re not vital in a single WAN environment. Let’s make certain that’s not the issue.

Suggestion: If you are going to replace the SOHO rather than the B20 I’d probably look at the 20X. For a little more $$ you get a router that is hugely more capable. Although the 20X has a single WAN port you can add a 2nd one via an inexpensive USB-ethernet dongle.


Thanks, Rick. I’d ordered the new Surf Saturday, but I’ve just sent an email to see if they can delay shipping if haven’t sent it yet (weekend). I’ll discuss it with them - I’d never even looked at a 20X specs.

Can I use my old Surf Config file or will I have to set up again from scratch?

Hi. Check out the 20X specs here. No, you will not be able to upload your SOHO config to a 20X, regrettably.

I was able to cancel the Surf I ordered a couple of days ago and ordered a Balance 20X instead. Thanks for the suggestion.

I did disable the Health Checks; didn’t work, still no internet.