Surf Soho problem to communicate with an external vlan

Hi to everybody,
I have the following network:

  • BR1 - DHCP ON - intervlan on
  • Poe switch with a camera

The switch is connected to LAN2 of:

  • Surf soho with vlan:

LAN1 - main vlan - DHCP ON - intervlan on
LAN2 - - DHCP OFF - intervlan on

I’m connected to the the surf soho with my laptop on LAN1
I would like to see the camera connecting to the soho surf with my pc.

I don’t know how to do it.

Thank you

Can someone help me please?

The reason this isn’t working is because when the camera sees the request come from the foreign network ( it sends its reply back to its gateway ( which doesn’t know where is either so sends it out the WAN.

Add a static route on the BR1 for with a next hop of

That should fix it.

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Thank you so much Martin.

Another question:

If I have 2 vlan in Surf Soho (and not BR1) like:

WAN: Internet

I connect cctv camera with static IP in LAN2
How I can see the camera from VLAN1?

If I connect my pc to LAN1 in VLAN1 how can I see the camera in the different network

Thank you so so much

The Surf SOHO is a router that knows how to send traffic between Subnets/VLANS.

In this new configuration, a laptop on VLAN1 requesting the camera on VLAN2 will know that it is not on its own network so sends the traffic to its default gateway which is the SOHO. The soho then routes the traffic to the camera IP on VLAN2.

In the same way, when the camera goes to reply to the laptop it knows the laptop IP is not in its subnet so sends the traffic to its default gateway (the SOHO again) that does know how to get to the laptop and routes the traffic to the right device.

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Thank you Martin but it doesn’t work:

Connected to switch poe with camera

The switch Poe is connected to Surf Soho:

Surf Soho

MAIN NETWORK - inter-vlan routing - DHCP ON
CCTV NETWORK - inter-vlan routing - DHCP OFF

LAN 2 - Access - CCTV NETWORK - connected with switch poe
LAN 4- Trunk Any

If I connect PC to LAN 1 I can’t see camera
If I connect PC to LAN 3 I recive ip correctly from BR1 - I see camera

I want to see camera from LAN 1 (MAIN NETWORK)

Where I wrong?

Thank you so much really

Did you add the static route to the BR1 of → ?

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this is my BR1:

This is my Soho

This is the port configuration on Soho

Now form lan 33 (my pc) I can ping BR1 (50.1) and enter into BR1 web interface.
But not camera

Can you ping from your BR1?
Did you change any firewall settings or is it the default of any allowed on internal networks?
Does camera have a default gateway set to

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Yes from BR1 I ping

This is the client list from Soho (PC and BR1), no camera

Double check the camera’s network settings. Most likely reason is that the camera does not have a default gateway set.

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These are the cctv settings:

Ok back to basics - do the following for the sake of our sanity :slight_smile:

  1. Check that the static route works from BR1 to SOHO.
    From a device on the .50.x BR1 network ping both LAN IPs of the SOHO ( &
    Can you access the web admin of the soho on from the CCTV LAN?
  2. Check the inter VLAN routing on the SOHO.
    From a device on the network ping the BR1, the SOHO and the camera
    Can you access the web admin of the BR1 on from the MAIN network?
  3. Check application level issues. Try and access the web ui of the camera from the .33 main network. If that fails check its system log to see if there is reason given.

If these tests don’t shake out the cause I’ll ask you to run a continuous ping to the camera from a laptop on the MAIN network and then grab a network capture from the SOHO (on the support.cgi page)…


Thank you Martin for your patience.
It was my fault, now I can see the cctv camera.

I try to ask another solution.

In the next situation, I can’t manage devices in red circle.
There is a device who give dhcp to camera but I can’t manage it.
I know that the camera has IP

Is it possible to see the camera from PC?
I can setting something into Surf Soho to permit to the pc 192.168.33.xx to see camera

Thank you so much Martin, really

Is the IP the camera has as the gateway the SOHO LAN 2 IP?
If so then this should work fine.

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With LAN2 Ip gateway camera works in this solution.

Martin really thank you for your support.
Have a nice day