SURF SOHO Open VPN access blocking question

Prior to purchasing a SURF SOHO router I had my own OpenVPN server. Because the SURF SOHO implements remote access via OpenVPN I turned off my server and started using the service in the SURF SOHO. I have two questions:

1) How can I find out information about login attempts? With my old server I would
    see constant attempts to access the VPN service logged in my system logs and 
     I could block repeated attempts (none of them ever succeeded because I used 
    client certificates not passwords). I assume that there are probably constant 
   attempts to access the port still.
  1. How can I block access to the VPN service? Passwords are insufficient because
    the password size limit is way too small to prevent sophisticated brute
    force hacking attempts (and the router doesn’t support using OpenVPN client
    certificates). I want to be able to firewall IP ranges but none of the firewalls
    seem to be applicable (I thought the service firewall was the one to use but it
    only lists the Pepwave VPNs not the OpenVPN service).

Thank you.