Surf SOHO MK3 wrong 5g channels

Very strange that I select channel 161 and it will actually be on 157; select 149 and it’s on 153; select 44 and it’s on 40. These are the only 3 I have tried, but obviously something is wrong with the firmware 8.0

We don’t encounter the reported issue. The 5GHz channel always follow what I have selected. Please confirm whether your MK3 is connected with 5GHz Wifi WAN. If so, Wifi AP always follow the channel from Wifi WAN since Wifi WAN and Wifi AP are using same radio.

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I’m not using 5G WIFI as a LAN.
The channel is set to 161. I dropped it down to 40MHZ from 80MHZ bandwidth thinking that might be an issue.
Pepwave Surf SOHO MK3 Firmware:8.0.0 build 1429

Wifi analyzer still shows 157 and it is accurate on all previous routers and AP’s

Just curious. What happens when you set the 5GHz channel to 20MHz bandwidth?

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Sorry for the late reply, but I have been out of town and couldn’t test it.
Very interesting that it will go to channel 161 when the width is set to 20MHz.
I also tried 20/40MHz but it dropped back down to channel 157.

OK. Just so I understand … If you select 20MHz channels the indicated channel number is the same as the actual – as measured by your wi-fi analyzer?

If I understand your issue correctly your experience is “normal.” A 40MHz wide channel is actually comprised of multiple 20MHz wide channels. See List of WLAN channels - Wikipedia. In particular, look at the 5GHz table. You’ll see that channels 157 and 161 are within the same 40MHz slice, just as 149 through 161 are within a 80MHz channel.


:smiley: always the expert on this.

802.11ac is more complex when dueling with large channel width. WIFI channels will be re-centralize base on the allowed/available channel in-order to allow WIFI channel bonding.

Some reading here that may help:


Thanks for the update and technical expertise. I guess it wasn’t really a problem after all.

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