Surf SOHO Mk3 WIFI problems

I have a 1 month old Surf SOHO that is dropping 5GHz WIFI daily. All I can do is reboot it every day, and sometimes that is not enough. I have it set to WPA2/WPA3 security. Router says the 5GHz radio is working but there is no SSID broadcast. The 2.4GHz radio doesn’t have this problem.

Anybody else have this problem? I’m ready to toss it.

What other product would you consider?

Balance One, Balance One Core, Balance 20X, Balance 20.

My current workaround is to turn off the 5GHz radio entirely, use 2.4GHz only. I am running an ancient Netgear AC1750 for 5GHz WIFI and have not needed to reboot the Surf Soho since.

That’s a weird one. Have you talked with your Peplink Partner about this? Or field a ticket?

Absolutely. Had the router in remote access mode for a week With a ticket open. Once I started getting “are your cables plugged in securely” suggestions, I took action.

My suggestion:

  1. Create an SSID that is 5GHz only. Use WPA2 security. Insure that the SSID is configured to be broadcast. Use a fixed WiFi channel, do not let the router choose the channel. Use 20MHz channel width (to minimize interference).
  2. As best you can watch for when the SSID no longer transmits. For good luck, use two different Wi-Fi scanners on two devices running different OSs.
  3. If and when the SSID is no longer being broadcast, then check the event log for any messages around that the time. Also check the AP event log for messages at the time.


Thanks for this. I have done items 1 and 2, but did not check the logs. The Netgear AC1750 just runs all time now delivering 5GHz and the Surf SOHO is finally stable.

My last guess: change the 5ghz wifi channel on the netgear router and configure the Pepwave router to use the 5Ghz channel that the Netgear was just using.