Surf Soho Mk3 - Use as switch with another router?

I’ve just changed ISP’s and am now on a metered LTE service, but the ISP’s modem/router only provides 2.4Ghz WiFi so I have my Soho Mk3 plugged into their modem both to add a few ports and to provide 5Ghz wireless. The Soho is still performing DHCP for the devices plugged into/connected to it, in the range of 192.168.50.x.

The ISP’s 2.4Ghz modem provides detailed per-device bandwidth usage stats, but all the devices on my Soho Mk3 are showing up as a single surf-soho-c9cc device.

So… how could the Soho be configured to act as a simple switch so that its connected devices (both wired & wireless) can receive their IP addresses from the LTE router’s 192.168.1.x range?

Turn off DHCP on SoHo, turn on DHCP on ISP router, plug ISP router/modem into SoHo LAN port, assign SoHo IP in non DHCP range but same subnet/IP range as ISP router/modem.

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Wow! That worked great, thank you! I tried a similar thing with another 5Ghz router yesterday and couldn’t get it to work, but I had the ISP’s modem/router plugged into the new router’s WAN port, not a LAN port. Thanks very much!