Surf Soho mk3& u620l

I just purchased a surf mk3 and so far it’s a love hate relationship.

I was using a cradle point 1200b with a u620l. It’s a Verizon modem however I use an AT&T unlimited plan in it. It has always worked fine but I wanted 5ghz so I bought the surf.

However, the surf will not connect with it. It detects it and then shows connecting but won’t actually connect. I’m on the latest firmware and have set the modem to manually connect as well as set the apn for Att but it won’t work

I put the SIM card in a 6620l(also Verizon) and it connects fine

Am I missing something with the 620l?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Can you share which firmware you are using now?

You may find our latest firmware here.

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The firmware was 7.1.0
I was actually able to get it working by rebooting into 6.3.3. Once I downgraded firmware it started connecting fine. One other thing I noticed, on 7.1 my WiFi speeds(especially 2.4ghz) were delivering half of my actual connection speed if not a little less. Once I downgraded to 6.3, using the same channel and settings, the WiFi on both bands deliver max speed for the connection

Can you try v7.1.1? Please open ticket for driver checking if you still have problem in v7.1.1

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Just curious if this upgrade to v7.1.1 worked well with the U620L usb modem? I just got my surf soho mk3 and have been looking for the U620L. Thanks!