Surf SOHO MK3 typical CPU load when idle?

What’s the typical CPU load on a Surf SOHO MK3 when idle? I’m running firmware 8.02, and the web admin interface shows CPU load. No idea what edition of the firmware started showing this. Is it new?

Here’s how I tried to make things “idle”:

  • Fresh reboot (since I’d had a problem, which is why I was poking around in the web interface to begin with)
  • WiFi access point turned off
  • Wired LAN just had an idling machine attached (the one I was viewing the web interface with), running a non-commercial operating system, and likely no programs using the Internet at that moment except for possibly a few packets for things like NTP.

In this condition, after letting the router settle down, CPU load bounces around between 11% and 20%. Of course, the CPU has to do some work to update the CPU load graphic in the web interface, so it’s not doing zero work. But that strikes me as high for doing almost nothing. Possibilities:

  • That’s just normal.
  • There was more wired network activity going on than I think.
  • Serving up the web admin interface is a CPU hog even just sitting there

I want to make sure that CPU load range is normal, considering that I was having problems with the WiFi for a long time before the reboot (and did that because I found unexplained, very high CPU load).