Surf SOHO MK3 - throughput lower than specified 120Mbps


I have 1Gbps download / 100Mbps upload, and connecting the cable directly to my PC I see those speeds in OOKLA’s Sppedtest.

Going through my router however, I get around 90Mbps download which is lower than the 120 Mbps I’d expect going by the specs (and I have actually gotten that just earlier today, don’t understand what changes). Worse, my upload is capped at ~57Mbps - which is less than half of what the spec allows (this was the same earlier as well).

I looked at the client list, it’s just my phone and a few small devices - they are all using 0 (zero) Mbps.
I have the latest firmware at the time of writing (8.1.3).
I tried resetting my device, no change.


Rated speeds are only ever achieved in a lab under ideal conditions. For example UDP + jumbo frames + <1ms latency, might be more ideal than TCP session without jumbo frames and higher latent pipe.

Given the fact that you have gig speed wan, you really should just upgrade to a more capable device like Balance Two or 20x.


Thank you @erickufrin ,

  1. These ARE pretty much ideal lab conditions - I’m connected via an Ethernet cable on both ends and the only thing running in the network is the synthetic speed test (which I’m sure is designed with maximum throughput in mind, in terms of TCP frames and whatnot). I even have a “control group” - namely without the router I’m getting something very close to 1000/100, with the router I’m getting ~90/60. I’ve run this experiment many times at this point.

  2. If I were getting something like 110/110 then sure, I’d let it slide. But 90/60? That’s 50%-75% of the specified throughput, where the 50% (actually a bit less) is ALWAYS the case for upload (why??). I’m sorry, but I can’t chalk this up this down as “TCP inefficiency”. Yes, you are 100% right about upgrading the router, but my concern is that I’ll shell out 500$+ (400+ import costs) for the Balance 20X only to find out I’m getting ~425Mbps instead of 900Mbps. I definitely trust Peplink in terms of security, I’m just trying to obtain this confidence for their throughput ratings as well.

Thanks again!

Thats part of the issue with Peplink products… If you have gigabit service then I’d want a router that can handle gigabit speeds. 900mbps isn’t gigabit. There still can be things/overhead that make it less. I really do wish Peplink would release a SoHo router that can easily handle 1gbps. In their entire line up only the Balance Two says 1 gigabit (and as you are insinuating, it would be great to see real world speed tests to ensure it can really handle 1gbps).


The Surf SOHO third generation (MK3) is definitely able to do 120Mbps. No speed test is perfect. Always run two or three. is very simple (click Show More Info to see upload speed) is the opposite, fairly complex has no ads or tackers

@mystery Honestly I could live just fine with 900mbps - those extra 100mbps aren’t probably going to change that much. My main concern, as you accurately pointed out, would be how close to those stated 900mbps I’d actually get. Out of a possible 1000mbps, getting 900 is one thing, and getting 400 is another…

@Michael234 Ookla might not be perfect, but it was good enough to get full speed without the router, and consistently shows much lower figures with the router so…

Still, let it not be said that I didn’t go the extra mile when reporting an issue, so there you go (rounding up):

So I think it’s pretty clear some significant throttling is happening at the router level. The fact that the upload is so much lower than the download is just further proof (I can’t see any other reason that would be the case).

Not sure what region you are in,… amazon prime USA has the balance 20x with free shipping & free returns. There is no risk to you if it doesnt work out just return it.

@erickufrin I wish!

I’m based in Israel and unfortunately Peplink don’t even ship the 20x there. So I have to use one of those shipping companies where they set up a dummy US address and then ship it back to you.
That adds at least $116.20 to the 399$ price tag which I won’t be getting back…

And regardless, until I do get a new router, I would really love to see speeds closer to the rated throughput, especially for the upload (I upload a lot of stuff to OneDrive).

A quick search shows possible peplink partners in Israel…are you saying the 20x is banned for some reason?

@mystery Sorry I was unclear, I mean Peplink’s Amazon store doesn’t ship the 20x here. I also couldn’t find it in any Israeli store.

I guess I can try calling the Peplink partners, good idea - though I suspect the prices are going to be (much?) higher than the Amazon + shipping company option…

Relevant thread asking for a 20X without LTE as a new SOHO: Peplink | Pepwave - Forum

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