Surf SOHO MK3 Speed Issue

I am fairly new to this router (just a few months). I just upgraded our internet from 10mbps service to 20mbps service ( I know its slow but that’s all we can get here). After upgrading our service we are still getting 10mbps speed through the router. I confirmed that 20mbps speed is working by connecting directly to the modem and testing speed.

Is there a setting I am missing? Any thoughts? I’m running firmware 8.2.0 build 1480.


You can monitor max transfers etc under Status>Daily/Monthly

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Under Network - WAN, you can click on Details to check all your WAN Connection settings, specifically the Bandwidth and Port Speed. Or under Advanced - QoS you can check the Bandwidth Control.



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Thanks for all the suggestions. I have narrowed it down a little bit more to find out that it is only my computer that is having the issues. I am currently running windows 10 on a Dell laptop. ios devices, mac computer, other windows computers, etc are all running at full speed.

Any ideas on something computer specific that might be causing this?

Update your 10/100 network card drivers? Windows update? Bad network cable? Blow the dust out of the CPU heatsink?

Right click on the network icon at the bottom right of the desktop and click troubleshoot problems.

network icon

If that doesn’t fix it then this time open network and internet settings>Change adapter options and double click on your Ethernet card and click on Properties then Configure. Check the card / update driver / roll back. It sounds like the 10/100 is running at 10Mbps because of a bad cable or driver.

You could try forcing the card into 100Mbps full duplex:

speed NIC

:speaking_head:Hope that helps!

Oh yeah also this…


Probably not necessary - but you can also force the SURF’s WAN interface (to the modem) to run at 100Mbps…