Surf SOHO MK3 slows down wan connection


Live in my RV traveling the USA, and we use the Surf Soho to either connect to campground WiFi or our cellular hotspot. My issue is that there is a noticeable slowdown on any wan connection we use. For example, if we connect directly to our hotspot and pull 20M+, we may only pull 6m from the SOHO. And if we have a 5m WiFi connection, we’ll only see a 1-2M rate thru the SOHO. I know there might be a slowdown anytime a device is doing routing, but this slowdown seems extremely excessive. Currently running 7.1.1 firmware. Anyone seen this and/or have a fix for this issue?


In my case, defining the correct up and downspeeds (mbps) on the WAN connection helped. Is the CPU also on 100% when you use it?


My CPU is never at 100%. I just connected one device to my SOHO and one directly to the WAN. SOHO shows speeds of 2.5M (with latency errors) and direct connected device shows speed of over 5m with no latency errors.


To narrow down the problem, the speeds you get from the Surf SOHO should be measured first via an Ethernet connected device. Then from a Wifi connected device. And, use a couple different speed tests and do the tests at different times as they vary all the time.

If the Surf SOHO is connecting to a Wifi network to get to the Internet, then you are really best connecting to it via Ethernet. I seem to recall it uses the same channel for both input and output with Wifi as WAN and that has to kill speeds. If its much faster with Ethernet, then you may need an access point for your in-home Wifi that runs on a different channel or, better yet, a different Wifi frequency band.