Surf Soho MK3 Open Ports

I’m a complete newb when it comes to networking so please excuse my ignorance. I bought the Surf Soho MK3 as I read it’s a very secure router and fairly straightforward to setup. I ran a service port scan on GRC.come and was alarmed to see quite a few ports that were open as well as not being stealthed. Some I understand why they are open but the large block of ports, 660-749 is quite alarming.

Hi - welcome to the forum. I suggest you read this post as a starting place: Pepwave Surf SOHO router initial configuration -

Ports 660-749 are not open by the soho or its services - something else is using them.
Make sure you are running the lastest firmware for your device. (8.0.2 right now, but 8.1.0 will be GA very soon).

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On my Balance One running 8.1.0 beta I see:

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You can find some more info and links to more info about what to be aware of when doing port scanning:

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Something is wrong. It is very unlikely that the Surf SOHO is exposing any ports. If remote administration is enabled, that port has to be open, but nothing else. At least not by default. Guesses:

  1. An ISP is intercepting requests from Shields Up and the Surf SOHO router never sees them

  2. You are connected to a VPN or Tor and your router is not really being tested. Check your public IP address to insure you are really testing your router

  3. You are not testing the Surf SOHO because it is not connected to a modem. If its connected to a combination device from the ISP, it is this combo device that is directly online and seen by Shields UP.

What device sits between the Surf SOHO and the outside world?