SURF SOHO MK3: Management Frame Protection

Hi I’m testing the Management Frame Protection 802.11w feature for the SURF SOHO MK3 with the latest 8.0.2 firmware.

Page 71 of the owners manual states:

“Management Frame Protection
This feature protects stations against forged management frames spoofed from other devices. Frames that are protected include Disassociation, Deauthentication and QoS Action.”

I can select but not enable either the “optional or required” settings of this feature for some reason - the setting doesn’t save. Disabled seems to work fine. I am attempting to enable it on an AC network on a VLAN on WPA2.

What am I missing?

Thank-you for a great product and I can’t wait for WPA3 to come out!

Happy 2020

This is a web UI bug and it will be fixed in 8.1.0.

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