Surf SOHO MK3 configuration file upgrade

I will be installing a new Surf Soho MK3. I backed up the configuration from my existing Surf Soho. Can I import that configuration file into the new model?

Hi IT_Novice,

Update to previously posted material:
Uploading a saved configuration file from a previous hardware revision SOHO to the MK3 can only be accomplished if the MK3 is running firmware 7 or later.

Thank you IT_Novice.

I will upgrade the firmware on the new MK3 then and upload my old config file. Thanks!

Just got the new Surf Soho in. It appears the latest firmware available is only version 6.3.3 and that is what the new unit is running. Where can I find the 7.0 firmware?

Update, I just tried to upload the old conf file and it errored out saying the conf file was from a different model. So I guess uploading the old file won’t be an option.

You can obtain firmware 7 at the open beta site, here.

Firmware 7 is expected to go GA (live) very soon, stay tuned!

Please let us know if you have any trouble with the configuration file when using firmware 7.

Thank you.