Surf SOHO Mk3 and Cisco Meraki

I use a Cisco Meraki MX64 to connect to my works VPN. I have it connected the same as I do on my other setup. (WAN>SurfSOHO>Meraki>Client), but when connected to the Surf, I have a mix of connection and speed issues. Speed wise its a fraction of what I see normally and well under what I see when connected to a Cisco SW VPN thru the Surf. Is there some special configuration I will need with the Surf to get this working well with my Meraki?

May i know the issue only happen when clients connected behind Meraki ? Would you able to isolate the issue by perform the following test ?

  1. WAN <—> SOHO ↔ Client
    -Verify the connections & speed issues.

  2. WAN ↔ SOHO <—?—> Meraki <—> Client
    -Set the SOHO LAN interface speeds using 1000Mpbs full duplex
    -Set Meraki WAN interface speeds using 1000Mbps full duplex
    -Verify the connections & speed issues

Speeds to the client are fine with the Meraki removed. Speeds are also fine when the SOHO is replaced with another router. I set the SOHO LAN to 1000 full duplex, but am unable to check the Meraki settings (locked down from my employer)

Do the connections work fine when you only set SOHO LAN to 1000 full duplex (supposedly both need to set) ?

Beside that, do you able to share us the following info:

  1. How you perform the connections test ?
  2. How you bench mark whether the connections is faction ?
  3. Can you share us the performance different for the test ?

I was just able to manually set the SOHO to 1000, and it made to difference in performance.

To test the speed, Im just using to validate… but its wildly unresponsive when connecting to my Meraki thru the SOHO.

When connected to the SOHO/Meraki I typically get .5 - 2Mbps download and 0-1Mbps up.
When using the SOHO but Cisco Software VPN, I get usually around 10 down / 10 up
Just the SOHO by itself or the Meraki and another router I get pretty close to my actual connection speed which is usually around 30 down / 15 up.

Sorry for the late response, been off work for a bit.

Do you mean no different in performance after you manually set the LAN interface speeds to 1000Mbps ?
This look to me like physical connection issue. Do you try before isolate the issue by putting a switch in between SOHO and Meraki ?

WAN ↔ SOHO <—> Switch <—> Meraki <—> Client

Do the above setup will give you better performance ?

Correct, no changes after manually setting the SOHO to 1000Mbps. I just tried adding a 5-port Netgear Prosafe Gigabit switch in between the SOHO and Meraki and also no changes in performance.