Surf SOHO mDNS/Bonjour on WiFi

I’m hoping to use my Pepwave for mobile livestream production. An important use-case in my kit is being able to grab the presenter’s screen using vMix Desktop Capture.

My current plan is to have them connect to my Pepwave and my Pepwave connects to the house ethernet or WiFi. So far it looks promising however NDI sources are not visible on my production laptop (the NDI sink/monitor) unless I connect via Ethernet. I tested with 3 machines and it is definitely the case that only Ethernet clients receive (this only seemed to start working AFTER I enabled UPnP/NAT-PMP).

Does anyone have tips for configuring my SOHO correctly or have I overlooked something that will enable mDNS discovery over WiFi?

Did you ever get mDNS discovery over WiFi working?