Surf SOHO Issues

OK. I have had a surf SOHO for almost a year. It’s better than my old cradlepoint mbr95. But it is only marginally better. Now I reboot once a week instead of everyday. The wireless seems to be unresponsive after a few days of use. Sometimes the 4g network connection seems to be unresponsive. It’s hard to find anything since the interface is pretty locked down. But I manage.

Things I would like to see in newer firmware revisions.

  1. Resolutions to wireless and 4G issues. I am not going to spend my time putting in support tickets, because I just do not have the patience.
  2. A cron daemon. I want to be set a schedule to reboot.
  3. ssh public key authentication.

At this point, I am going to have to setup another device, ie, a pi server, that runs an expect script to reboot the surf soho on a schedule. Which I think is just crazy. I spent approx $130 on it. I feel it should at least have a cron daemon.


Just to recap the issues you are experiencing with your Surf SOHO:

  1. “The wireless seems to be unresponsive after a few days of use.”

  2. “Sometimes the 4g network connection seems to be unresponsive.”

What is the firmware version the unit is running? If it is not 6.2.2, then you may obtain the 6.2.2 firmware here, see it helps or not.

I do understand that sometime it is a tedious process working on a support case, however it would much appreciated if you could assist us to get to the bottom of the issues, as it is our responsibility to improve our product quality.

If you agree, please submit a ticket here, and our support team will work along with you to look into the issue.

Thanks and regards.

Yes, I am running 6.2.2. I am in the process of upgrading to the build you sent. If I find the time I will open a support case.

UPDATE: I already have 1790.