Surf Soho issues with 6.3 GA

I upgraded my home Surf Soho to 6.3 today, and ran into a few odd issues that cause me to downgrade this evening. I tried restarting everything multiple times. Wifi (through my Routerboard) was non functional. Some wired connections (Roku) were non functional, but not all wired connections were.

Priority 1: WAN is wired cable internet
Priority 2: USB standby

Putting this out there in case others run into something similar.

Hi Cyclops,

Would you please open a support ticket here for us to further check on the issue.

Thank you

Done [Ticket #758250]


We will follow up with you using support ticket. More info need to be collected from the device in-order to identify the issue.

Thank You

Anyone that reads this thread should go to this thread for the fix: Peplink | Pepwave - Forum