Surf SOHO issue with 64 Hex digit WPA2 Key issue

I had a problem last year when trying to configure the Surf SOHO and the network would not be found. The Wifi LAN field would stay at “Scanning” and would not display any networks.

I was told to leave my router open so it could be logged into after 12am CT since someone on the support team in Malaysia would be logging in to look at it. Due to security reasons, this was not permittable then (and it isn’t now).

After more diagnosis this weekend, it appears that when I make the WPA2 key 64 hex digits, the SOHO starts to have problems. But when it’s 63 digits, there’s no issue.

Per the WPA2 standard (802.11i):

This key may be entered either as a string of 64 hexadecimal digits, or as a passphrase of 8 to 63 printable ASCII characters.

Are you guys distinguishing between a 63 character string and a value of 64 hexadecimal digits?

This seems to be exactly the issue I am running into. I know. The easy way out (but it isn’t) is to change all network devices to use a 63 character string. I really need the SOHO to accept the 64 digit hex value.

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If it helps, I’ve also come across this for how the PSK is generated. Is there a chance the Surf SOHO might be calculating the PSK not only when the number of characters is 63 or less, but also when it’s 64 hex digits, when it isn’t supposed to calculate the PSK, but actually use the 64 digit hex value as the PSK? Just a thought.

PSK = PBKDF2(PassPhrase, ssid, ssidLength, 4096, 256)

The PSK is 32 bytes (256 bits), often displayed as 64 hex characters.

According to the 802.11i specification:

A pass-phrase is a sequence of between 8 and 63 ASCII-encoded characters. The limit of 63 comes from the desire to distinguish between a pass-phrase and a PSK displayed as 64 hexadecimal characters.

For the scanning issue, it should not related to the 64hex digit, it should be other thing that we need to further investigate.

Let reopen the support ticket and see what we can help here. I will follow up with you via support ticket.

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