Surf SOHO initial impression

Finally replaced the old D-Link we were using at our house for the main reason of questionable security. Our cable providers plan has us at 100/10 MBs down/up. After setting up the Surf with many of the recommended settings by Michael Horowitz (THANKS!), I was pleasantly surprised to see my laptop connection speeds jump substantially - even above the speeds I’m supposed to be getting! Laptop is located about 20’ from router with one wall in between. Buffer bloat is still very high, but I won’t complain with the much improved speed.

This chart goes back to September. I’ve run several tests with the new Surf. After the initial tests, I dropped the 5GHz band width to 40, from auto. That seemed to cut the speed in half, but it may have also been my ISP’s traffic at the time. I returned the setting to auto without much change initially, but later the high speeds returned.


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