Surf SOHO HW2 firmware update

I am attempting to upgrade the firmware on a Surf SOHO HW2 unit from version 7.0.0 build 2445 to version 8.0.2 build 3612 utilizing the ‘Manual Upgrade’ in the web interface.

The web interface does not complete the action. Instead it reports that the following about the firmware file that I selected:

“File size exceed allowed limit”

Other notes which might be relevant to the situation:

  1. I obtained the version 8.0.2 firmware file that I attempted to utilize from > Surf SOHO section > HW2 > Download. My file manager reports the size of the fw-surf_soho-8.0.2-build3612.bin file currently hyperlinked at that location to be 25.5MB.
  2. I see a similar issue reported here in the forum at Firmware Update ISSUE! for the Max BR1 product. I do not however see any notice on the firmware page or release notes of any similar requirement to upgrade to any intermediate firmware for the Surf SOHO HW2.

Any advice? If missed some instructions somewhere please point me to them. Thanks,


Would you please try to upgrade to firmware 7.1.2 before upgrade to 8.0.2 ?

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I am happy to try upgrading the Surf SOHO HW2 to firmware 7.1.2 before upgrading to 8.0.2.

I probably would have attempted that already, but as I write this reply I do not see a firmware 7.1.2 .bin for the Surf SOHO HW2 product on the Peplink Support Downloads page, and I am not sure where else to find it.

I do see the link for the firmware 7.1.2 for the Max BR-1 hyperlinked there at the top of the page, but I don’t think I want to use that firmware 7.1.2 for the Max BR-1 for the Surf SOHO HW2… do I?

You can get the archived firmware using the following link. Very sorry i should include that at the first reply

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The solution you provided to first upgrade to firmware 7.1.2 and then upgrade to firmware 8.0.2 accomplished the mission. I appreciate your prompt assistance.