Surf SOHO HW Refresh?


Hi, the last reveision MK3 was released 2.5 years ago or so. Is hw refresh soon in the plans?


The link below may be useful.


Thx, bit I was asking about a hardware refresh. The MK3 is a third generation, which is a 2.5y old.


My Bad.

I guess there needs to be a reason to change the hardware. The firmware updates add features ,etc. to make the units more useful.


Well, 2.5 years later the speeds that consumers & small businesses can get for a very reasonable price are much higheer than the supported 120M and the wave 1 AC chipset is now slow.
But I guess, it all depends on Peplink’s vision for this device: it is probably still adequate for use with cellular connections. I would not know that, but I would definitely update my unit to a faster version to take advantage of higher speeds available today.