Surf soho hissing at me


i was in my tech closet today and I heard a hissing noise, it was like “hiss hiss hiss hiss”. it sounded electric so I didn’t think it was an animal. then I heard it again and followed the sound to my surf soho. is this noise normal?


Animal sounds of any kind from a Peplink device would always be classed as unusual…


I have used the Surf soho now for three years, never heard it hissing.

If it’s electrical, and / or electronics, you would smell it.

I would look around more…may be a snake in there.


thanks for replies, guys. your routers don’t make any noise at all? I just went in to listen some more, and mine definitely makes noise, but I guess it’s more faint than I thought it was. it is definitely coming from the router and it’s electrical noise. it’s intermittent but I can hear it any time I go to closet and listen. should I contact pepwave support?


Well, if its hissing I’d either contact my local wildlife control officer or tech support. Depends on how loud and threatening it sounds, I guess! :rofl:


I found this on the google:



Please open a ticket for support team to check.

  • Make sure you are using the default shipped power adapter
  • Possible please provide a video clips for the Surf Soho that include the hissing sound.


I just sent a support ticket, I’ll try to get a recording as well.


I have had complaints about very faint nosies from the AP ONE Enterprise in accommodation areas. We just moved the APs out of audible range.