Surf SOHO Hardware Version

Hello Everyone.

I just received a new Surf SOHO, and it was advertised as the MK3 version, however the sticker on the box says ‘HW1’.

Is there a way to determine definitively which hardware version this is?

Thanks in advance for any help or guidance!

There are two versions of the original SOHO, but the MK3 is newer with the HW1 revision.

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You are right to be confused. The naming convention was changed with the third generation model. As a result HW1 has two, count them, two meanings. Ugh.

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Thanks to both of you- I just figured that out :slight_smile:

Thanks Ron- I understand that now.

Key driver for the confusion: there is no indication of the ‘MK3’ version on either the badge on the router or the box. Only when I got into into configuration interface did I find actual reference to version ‘MK3’.