Surf SOHO Hardware Rev 2 WAN speed issues after ISP upgrade

  • I have a Surf SOHO running firmware 8.1.3
  • It says it’s hardware revision 2 but it only has 2 antennae ports instead of 3 so I don’t know how old it is.

My ISP just upgraded my Internet service to over 400 Mbps down. The technician came out today tested the lines and even gave me a new modem.

  • The problem is the modem has no issue pulling down well over 400 Mbps.
  • But my Surf SOHO maxes out at 122 Mbps.
  • The tech ran speed tests directly hooked to the modem and then to the Surf SOHO using the same Ethernet cable.
  • He said it appeared that the router was either going bad or was slowing down the connection.

I blew away the configuration. Set the router back to default and allowed it to automatically detect all WAN settings. I am still getting results through the Surf SOHO that the tech got.

  • So does this mean the Surf SOHO router is failing?
  • Is it actually old enough that the WAN port is only 10/100?
  • Or am I missing something in the settings?

Surf SOHO only rated as 120Mbps for the Router Throughput .

You can refer to the URL below for the detail info :

Based on your explanation, you are getting 122Mbps using the SOHO device. I would say this is the expected performance for the Surf SOHO.

For your requirements 400Mbps, you may need to consider B20x or Balance One or other models. Please refer to the product info page below to find a best models based on your requirements.

Thanks very much for the fast response. I had that documentation but wanted to double-check because this soho was older with the two antennae.

I will look at these other options.