Surf SOHO external antennas clarification needed

Are the two external antennas used to acquire and transmit to the WiFi as WAN side of the router – such as communicating with a RV park’s WiFi? Or, are the antennas for the purpose of expanding range for the private WiFi network side?

Newby here, planning to buy a Surf SOHO for our motorhome.


The integrated Wi-Fi Antenna for Surf Soho are 1dBi Omni and the Surf Soho Male SMA connectors (Antenna A & Antenna B) are the connectors allowing user to expand external Antenna to improve the WIFI signal strength.

The Surf Soho is single radio (2x2 MIMO, 2.4GHz: 300 Mbps or 5GHz: 300 Mbps) that shared for WIFI as AP & WIFI as WAN features, thus if you expand to use external antenna, this will indirectly improve the WIFI signal strength for both WIFI as WAN and WIFI as AP features.

Thank You